SHILLS V-Face 3D Miracle-Lift Facial Lifting Serum


Skin Anti Aging Care Product

Imported from Taiwan… HSA Certified 

15 Degrees Lift – Chin & Facial Contours!  Proven Results!!

The New Fibre Repositioning 3D V-lifting serum, specially designed through innovative science and technology for modern Asian women, firms and tightens cheeks, reduces double chin and sculpts facial contours.


Solve all your facial-sagging woes, and get the slim and defined face you’ve always desired.

Its enriched elastin formula stimulates the skin’s natural ability to produce more collagen and also prevents damage from the external environment, which causes skin ageing. Acting as a gatekeeper on your skin, it protects your skin from the initial stages of ageing. This new fibre repositioning 3D V-lifting serum glides on skin with its smooth silky texture, locking in layers of anti-ageing ingredients and providing skin with long-lasting moisture, for an immediate improvement of fine lines.

Formulated with mineral-rich herbal Butcher’s broom extract to help rejuvenate and repair damaged skin, while essential oil nourishes, firms and tightens skin. Ivy extract effectively reduces swelling and thickening of skin, and seaweed extract removes loose skin as a result of weight gain and stretch marks. The easily absorbed, lightweight and invigorating cream texture is a delight to use, helping you attain crystal clear, radiant skin.

Key Ingredients:

Caffeine, Aescin saponin, Ivy extract, Pine bark extract, Jojoba oil, Butcher’s broom extract,
Seaweed extract.

How to Use:

After cleansing and toning, apply a moderate amount to skin.

Capacity: 30 ml

Mgf Date: 2015/2016

1. Avoid applying on damaged or injured skin.
2. If any skin redness or sensitivity problem occurs after use, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.
3. Should you suffer from skin allergies, we recommend you to perform a skin patch test before use.
4. Store product in a well-ventilated place away from direct heat and sunlight.

Consumer Advice
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