SHILLS Underarm Whitening Lotion


Personal Care Product

Imported from Taiwan… HSA Certified

No more dark, rough and unsightly underarms!
Reduce embarrassing after-shaving dark shadow on your underarms!

SHILLS Underarm Whitening Lotion is suitable for the underarms, back, bust and the bikini zone.

It’s a must-have for ladies this summer!

With natural soy milk ingredient, it shrinks rough pores after hair removal, moisturizes skin, and slows down hair growth. Green tea extract and Prasterone effectively reduce pigmentation and dead skin to reveal tender-looking, crystal clear skin. Say goodbye to underarm odour and feel fresh all day!

When to Use: After hair removal, to improve sweaty underarms and the appearance of rough pores.

Capacity: 120 ml

Mgf Date: 2015/2016

Key Ingredients:
Natural moisturizing factor, Mulberry extract, Green tea extract, Wild soybean, Aloe Barbadensis and α-Arbutin.

How to Use:
Apply an appropriate amount to underarms. No need to rinse off. For better results, use it just after hair removal to soften hair and slow down future hair growth.


1. Avoid applying on damaged or injured skin.
2. If any skin redness or sensitivity problem occurs after use, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.
3. Should you suffer from skin allergies, we recommend you to perform a skin patch test before use.
4. Store product in a well-ventilated place away from direct heat and sunlight.

Consumer Advice

We are the exclusive distributor for SHILLS products sold in Singapore. We strongly advise our customers to purchase only from our list of approved retailers, as we will not undertake any responsibility for products purchased from unauthorized retailers.

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