SHILLS 3-Minute Bubble Body Scrub


Body Care Product

Imported from Taiwan… HSA Certified 

Especially for rough, dark pores and dead skin layers, revealing fair and baby smooth skin after use.

Just gently massage the smooth, creamy and candy-floss-like mousse on required areas and see dirt and

dark bits being lifted off your skin right before your very eyes!

Experience newborn baby smooth skin, as fair, lustrous and healthy skin is revealed from under layers of dead skin cells.

It is gentle on the skin and effectively removes dry skin layers to reveal renewed, supple and baby smooth skin beneath,

just like Snow White.

With its soft and fluffy mousse texture, it spreads on the skin easily. The foam cell structure is less compact as compared

to cream or gel, allowing it to easily wrap around dead cuticles, dissolving dirt at the same time.

Unique skin softening ingredients soften and remove hardened skin cuticles. Suitable for all skin types.

Extra whitening repair ingredients help reinforce the effects of whitening and brightening after removal of dry, dead skin.

This helps prevent dull and uneven skin tone. This exfoliating foam is suitable for use on your knees,elbows and other rough skin areas.

Capacity: 250 ml

Key Ingredients:
Papaya enzymes, Seaweed extract, Witch hazel extract, Yeast, Glycerol, Bamboo charcoal.

How to Use:
Apply on dry skin. Shake well before squeezing onto palm, with tip facing downwards. Spread foam on elbows, knees,

feet and required areas. Gently massage for 1–3 minutes until grey crumbs appear. Then rinse off with clean water.

Mgf Date: 2015/2016

1. Avoid applying on damaged or injured skin.
2. If any skin redness or sensitivity problem occurs after use, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.
3. Should you suffer from skin allergies, we recommend you to perform a skin patch test before use.
4. Store product in a well-ventilated place away from direct heat and sunlight.

Consumer Advice
We are the exclusive distributor for Shills products sold in Singapore. We strongly advise our customers to purchase only from our list of approved retailers, as we will not undertake any responsibility for products purchased from unauthorized retailers.

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