纖Q好手藝 Slim Q Powder Packet Drink ✮Red Bean Powder 100% NATURAL✮


  • Eliminate Edema
    Red Bean is rich in potassium. Its skin also contain saponin which has strong diuretic effect. Able to accelerate water circulation and effectively improve kidney functions from declining, causing face and feet swelling.
  • Improve Anemia
    During pregnancy, females often have anemia, especially iron-deficiency anemia. Red beans are rich in iron and helps replenish blood, effectively improve anemia during pregnancy.
  • Increase Breast Milk Supply
    Red bean’s milk protein helps stimulate and increase postpartum milk. It also helps in postpartum lactation.
  • Relieve Menstrual Discomfort
    Red beans are rich in iron and folic acid which helps women in replenishing blood, qi (energy flow) and regulate menstrual periods.
  • Relieve Constipation
    Red beans saponins and polysaccharides helps in gastrointestinal motility and defecation. With its fiber content, able to strengthen the stomach motility,and promote normal bowel movements, solving constipation.
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  • Our products are AUTHENTIC and DIRECTLY IMPORTED from Taiwan.

No Coloring
No Flavoring
No Preservatives
No Antioxidants

  • What are adzuki beans (chidou, 赤豆)?

This herb has a few other names, such aduki, azuki beans, and Vigna umbellata (Thunb.) Ohwi et Ohashi. In TCM’s view, it refers to the seeds of Phaseolus calcaratus Roxb. or Phaseolus angularis Wight. Both of the plants are an annual vine in the family of Leguminosae. Adzuki bean is a type of small beans, which are compared to the large beans of soybean. There are three or four varieties of them, such as red bean (hongdou or chidou), white bean, and green bean (mung beans).

  • Adzuki beans health benefits

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that it is sweet, sour, and neutral in nature. It covers two meridians like heart and small intestine. Its main functions are to induce diuresis to alleviate edema and resolve toxin and expel pus. Its basic uses and indications are turgor and edema, swollen limbs due to beriberi, jaundice induced dark urine, wind-damp pyretic arthralgia, sores, carbuncles, acute appendicitis, and abdominal pain. Usual dosage is from 9 to 30 grams, in decoction normally.

  • Pharmacologic action

It has diuretic effect, which is beneficial to sufferers of heart disease, kidney disease, and edema.

It is rich in folic acid, which is good for nursing mothers to promote lactation.

Other benefits of adzuki beans include relaxing bowel, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, preventing stones, and helping weight loss.

  • Size: 2g in one sachets
  • Content: 30 sachets in a packet
  • Date of Manufacture: Please refer to label Expiry: 24 Months (2 Years)
  • FAQ

i. Why choose to buy Slim Q instead of boiling our own drinks?

A: Having Slim Q packs on hand saves you time and money from boiling the drinks! It also means you can consistently drink them daily – as these are natural products, drinking them consistently is the best way to reap its benefit. Also, E-Joy uses a unique extraction method that the drink made from 40g of the items to be contained in just 2g of powder that instantly dissolves in warm water. For drinks such as red bean drink, making your own drinks require skill – it is important to boil such that the red beans do not burst – otherwise it adds to additional calories. E-Joy Slim Q Red Bean drink provides just under 10 calories per pack, so no need to worry about adding this drink to your diet.

ii. Why are the packets so small? It seems expensive.

A: E-Joy Slim Q uses a low-temperature high-pressure extraction method to obtain the powder – this method preserves the active ingredients and retains the taste. More importantly, it allows the drinks brewed from 40g of the items to be contained in just 2g of powder that instantly dissolves in warm water — this means that for a 30-day pack (60g powder), Slim Q has used 1.2kg of raw ingredients (1.8kg for barley!). This is definitely cheaper than buying the ingredients on your own, and of course, saves you time from washing up!

iii. What is the best way to enjoy the drinks?

A: We recommend dissolving 2g serving in a glass of warm water (circa 250-300ml) for best taste. You can add up to 500ml for 2g of powder, but taste may be more diluted (it depends on your preference!). These are healthy drinks where no sugar is added and definitely good for diabetics. You can add sugar/rock sugar/honey to sweeten the drink.

iv. Why is the taste so bland?

A: The drinks are boiled such that no aritificial flavoring or sugar is added. This is the same taste you get when you make the drinks yourself. More importantly, the drinks are boiled such that the ingredients (red bean barley etc.) do not ‘burst’, so as to minimise calorie content while retaining the benefits of the drink. You are free to add sugar/rock sugar/honey to sweeten the drink, or make a cup of drink with 2 packs (i.e. 4g for 250ml water).

v. Why does it say made in Taiwan when ingredients are from China?

A: E-Joy gets the raw ingredients from where they grow best (based on climate, soil condition, etc.) and in unpolluted environments. For example, for wolfberries, they grow best in high-altitude and the better-grade ones are found in Ningxia province of China (2,000 feet above sea level). The processing and packing is all done in Taiwan – E-Joy has SGS certification that its Slim Q drinks are free of pesticides and preservatives and heavy metals/chemicals.

vi. There does not seem to be effects after drinking Slim Q?

A: The above ingredients are highly regarded in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fraternity for its health benefits. However, as they are natural products, the key is to take them consistently and over the long-term for best results. Not everyone experiences immediate effects, and one should definitely consult medical advice (including TCM doctors) to see if the drinks suit your body constitution.


1.Can be taken at any time. However, because it is diuretic, do not take it before sleep.

2.Dissolve one to two sachets in 300 to 500ml water or any drinks you like. Juice works fine.

3.Take one to two sachets a day. Daily intake should not exceed 6 cups.

4.Continue to drink Instant Mix Drink of Coix Seed for 30 days for significant results.

**NOTE: Please obtain personal medical advice where required before purchasing. Avoid direct sunlight. Store it at room temperature.

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